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420 is a martensitic stainless steel with 12% Chromium, which gives the material good corrosive resistance. 420 can be heat treated to achieve greater hardness. Its best corrosion resistance is achieved when the metal is hardened and surface ground or polished. There are also variations of 420 that contain molybdenum (for better corrosion resistance), sulfur (for better machinability) or vanadium (for higher levels of hardness). There is also a higher carbon version of 420, 420C. This material is commonly used for cutlery, medical instruments, scissors and straight edges. 420 is almost never used in an annealed condition.

Component Elements Properties Percent
Carbon (minimum) .15%
Manganese (maximum) 1%
Phosphorus (maximum) .04%
Sulfur (maximum) .03%
Silicon (maximum) 1%
Chromium 12-14%

Physical Properties (Annealed)

Property Value
Property Value
Tensile Strength, maximum 100 ksi
Elongation in 2 inches (50.8 mm) or 4D, minimum
Nominal Thickness
Up to 0.030 inch (0.76 mm), excl 12%
0.030 inch (0.76 mm) and over  15%