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At Tech Steel & Materials, we offer Stainless Steel 13-8 in various specifications and forms to meet your specific needs. This high-performance stainless steel alloy is renowned for its superior strength and toughness, making it an ideal choice for critical applications in the aerospace, nuclear, and rocket engine industries.

Stainless Steel 13-8 is available in three sub-type specifications, each tailored to particular applications. You can find it in various shapes and forms to suit your requirements:

  • AMS 5629 (Bar, Extrusion, Forging, Ring, and Plate)
  • AMS 5864 (Plate)
  • AMS 5934 ( Bar, Extrusion, Forging, Ring, and Wire)

The Chemical Composition for Stainless Steel 13-8

The outstanding properties of Stainless Steel 13-8 are influenced by its precise chemical composition. Here is a breakdown of the typical chemical composition of Stainless Steel 13-8:

Element Composition Range
Chromium 12.25-13.25%
Nickel 7.50-8.50%
Molybdenum 1.30-2.00%
Titanium 2.00-2.50%
Aluminum 0.90-1.30%
Iron Balance (remainder)

**These values represent typical composition ranges and may slightly vary depending on the specific manufacturer.

Stainless Steel 13-8 Precipitation Hardening Conditions

H950 950 °F ± 10 (510 °C ± 6)
H1000 1000 °F ± 10 (538 °C ± 6)
H1025 1025 °F ± 10 (552 °C ± 6)
H1050 1050 °F ± 10 (566 °C ± 6)
H1100 1100 °F ± 10 (593 °C ± 6)
H1150 1150 °F ± 10 (621 °C ± 6)

Superior Strength and Toughness

Stainless Steel PH 13-8 Mo* is vacuum-melted, which contributes to its exceptional strength and toughness. It is a preferred choice for critical aircraft, nuclear, and rocket engine parts due to its controlled chemistry. The AMS 5934 version, in particular, is designed to yield higher fracture toughness and Charpy impact values, making it a superior choice for demanding applications.

When you choose Stainless Steel 13-8 from Tech Steel & Materials, you are selecting a material known for its reliability, strength, and adaptability. With various specifications and forms available, you can find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

For more information or to inquire about ordering Stainless Steel 13-8, please contact us, and our expert team will be happy to assist you.