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  1. Japan’s Pokémon With You Train, Originally a Disaster Relief Project, Is Getting a Makeover

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    JR East

    JR East

    Shortly after Japan’s tragic earthquake in 2011, Pokémon with You was developed as a disaster relief project.

    In 2012, it was developed into a fully functioning sightseeing train with a myriad of tributes to the series, featuring Pokémon characters, artificial plants, tunnels, curtains, and decals.

    Now, the train is getting a special Pikachu makeover, undergoing interior and exterior design changes so that it resembles the most recognizable and lovable character in as many ways as possible.

    For those interested, the unique train runs on the Ofunato Line, which departs from Ichinoseki Station and ends at Kesennuma Station.

    It adheres to the following schedule:

    • July 15th–17th, 22nd–23rd, 29th–31st
    • August 1st–20th, 26th–27th
    • September 2nd–3rd, 9th–10th, 16th–18th, 23rd–24th, 30th