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  1. Bentley Joins The PHEV Market With This Teaser Image Of Their New Hybrid SUV

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    Bentley recently announced its new, plug-in hybrid electric SUV, but unfortunately the only image we have so far is a teaser of the vehicle busting through sand with the #NewBentley.

    The vehicle has the ability to run on electricity from its battery utilizing an internal combustion engine.

    More and more companies are beginning to produce plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as they generally are able to drive more than 200 more miles on traditional gas power than non-PHEVS and also feature an EV mode range of less than 40 miles.

    Bentley also stated that by the end of the decade, approximately 90% of all vehicles they produce will be available as a PHEV.

    I can’t wait to see this new SUV in action!