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The forming characteristics of H-11 H11 AMS 6487 Tool Steel are good by conventional methods. It also may be formed by forging and machining. Welding H-11 AMS 6487 Tool Steel is a readily wieldable alloy by conventional methods. Cold working may readily be accomplished on H11 by conventional methods. Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well-suited to be made into tools. Their suitability comes from their distinct toughness, resistance to abrasion, their ability to hold a cutting edge and/or their resistance to deformation at elevated temperature.

HP9-4-20 HP 9-4-20 AMS 6525

There are many properties available for HP9-4-20 HP 9-4-20 AMS 6525 and AF-1410 depending on the heat treatment. HP 9-4-20 typically has Yield Strength (YS) of 200-205ksi. Obviously this is under the minimum value of 235ksi, however, there are other properties that have desirable values such as Charpy Impact Toughness (CIT) of 84ft-lbs and elongation values of 14 to 18%. The YS value can be driven up approaching 235ksi; however, the fracture toughness value falls off quickly. This is the game that must be played, optimization of YS and FIT at the same time.

Tech Metals and Materials can also offer HP9-4-30 HP 9-4-30 AMS 6526, MP35N AMS 5844 5845, and stainless 15-5PH AMS 5659. Contact us to find out more.