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A $20 Million Crewless, Automated Ship Will Launch In 2018

The Norwegian-built Yara Birkeland is the world’s first crewless ship and is set to launch sooner rather than later. The $20 million vessel, which is equipped with GPS, radar, cameras, and sensors, is on pace to roll out in 2018 and be fully automated by 2020. “Yara Birkeland will initially operate as a manned vessel, […]
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Automotive Startup Pearl, Maker of RearVision Backup Camera, to Shut Down
Former NASA Engineer Builds World’s Largest Super Soaker Which Fires at 272 MPH
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Japan’s Int-Ball Drone Floats Around the ISS Snapping Pics and Vids to Send Back to Earth
The Sale of all Petrol and Diesel Vehicles Could Be Banned In France by 2040

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