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A slightly magnetic metal of medium hardness and high degree of ductility and malleability and resistance to chemical and atmospheric corrosion that is commonly used for electroplating or as an alloying agent.

Nickel Silver:

Copper base alloys that contain 10%-45% zinc and 5%-30% nickel.

Nickel Steel:

Steel containing nickel as an alloying element. Varying amounts are added to increase the strength in the normalized condition to enable hardening to be performed in oil or air instead of water.


Process of surface hardening certain types of steel by heating in ammonia gas at about 935-1,000°F.

Nitriding Steel:

Steel that is particularly suited for the nitriding process, that is, it will form a very hard and adherent surface upon proper nitriding.

Nonferrous Metals:

Metals or alloys that are free of iron.

Nonmetallic Inclusions:

Impurities held in metals mechanically during solidification or formed by reactions in the solid state.

Nonrefractory Alloy:

An alloy that has malleability or is easily flatten when rolled or hammered.


A heat treatment applied to steel that involves heating the metal above the critical range followed by cooling in still air.