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Half Hard Temper:

In low carbon cold-rolled strip steel, produced by cold rolling to a hardness next to, but somewhat softer than, full hard temper. In brass stainless steel strip, tempers are based on minimum tensile or yield strength.

Hard Drawing:

Drawing metal wire through a die to reduce cross section and increase tensile strength.

Hard Drawn:

Wire or tubing drawn to high tensile strength by a high degree of cold work.

Hard Drawn Spring Steel Wire:

A medium high carbon cold drawn spring steel wire. Used principally for cold springs.


The ability of a metal, usually steel, to harden in depth as distinguished from the term “hardness.”

Hardened And Tempered Spring Steel Strip:

A medium or high carbon quality steel strip which has been subjected to the sequence of heating, quenching and tempering.


Any process which increases the hardness of a metal. Usually heating and quenching certain iron base alloys from a temperature either within or above the critical temperature range.


Degree to which a metal will resist cutting, abrasion, penetration, bending and stretching.

Heat Treatment:

Altering the properties of a metal by subjecting it to a sequence of temperature changes, time of retention at specific temperature and rate of cooling therefore being as important as the temperature itself. Heat treatment usually markedly affects strength, hardness, ductility, malleability and similar properties of both metals and their alloys.

Hot Working:

Plastic deformation of metal at a temperature sufficiently high not to create strain hardening. The lower limit of temperature for this process is the recrystallization temperature.