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Relating to iron.


The surface appearance of the various metals after final treatment.

Finishing Temperature:

Temperature of final hot working of a metal.

Flame Annealing:

A process of softening a metal by the application of heat from a high-temperature flame.

Flame Hardening:

A process of hardening a ferrous alloy by heating it above the transformation range by means of a high-temperature flame, and then cooling as required.

Flat Wire:

A flat cold-rolled, prepared-edge section up to .25″ wide, rectangular in shape.


Metal in any width but no more than about 0.005″ thick.


Surface appearance of metals when broken.

Fracture Test:

Nicking and breaking a bar by means of sudden impact, to enable macroscopic study of the fracture.

Full Annealing:

Used principally on iron and steel, means heating the metal to about 100°F above the critical temperature range, followed by “soaking” and slow cooling below the critical temperature.

Full Finish Plate:

Steel sheet or strip reduced either hot or cold, cleaned, annealed and then cold-rolled to a bright finish.

Full Hard Temper:

In low carbon sheet or strip steel, stiff and springy, not suitable for bending in any direction. It is the hardest temper obtainable by hard cold rolling.