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Dead Soft Annealing:

The heating of metal to above the critical range and appropriately cooling to develop the greatest possible commercial softness or ductility.

Dead Soft Steel:

A steel normally made in the basic open-hearth furnace or by the basic oxygen process with carbon less than 0.10% and manganese in the 0.20%-0.50% range and which is completely annealed.

Dead Soft Temper:

Condition of maximum softness commercially attainable in wire, strip, or sheet metal in the annealed state.


A method whereby the raw slit edge of metal is removed by rolling or filing.


The removal of carbon from the outer surface of iron or steel, usually by heating in an oxidizing or reducing atmosphere.

Deep Drawing:

The process of cold working sheet or strip metal blanks by means of dies on a press into shapes, which are usually cuplike in character and involving considerable plastic deformation of the metal.

Drill Rod:

An annealed and polished high alloy steel rod that is usually round.

Dry Rolled Finish:

A finish obtained by cold rolling on polished rolls without the use of any coolant or metal lubricant, material previously plain pickled, giving a burnished appearance.


The property of metals that enables them to be mechanically deformed when cold without fracturing.